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DAI INDATA    -  1979


Rumour says that Texas-Instrument approached Data Applications International (DAI), a belgium company, to design a personal computer with sound, graphics and colors for the European market, using Texas-Instruments components. But later Texas-Instruments decided to market their own personal computer, the TI-99/4, in Europe, so the "DAI" project was canceled.

Then, the belgium company decided to market the project under their own brand. The DAI computer was born. At that time, 1980, the DAI specifications were impressive ! The main competitors were the Apple II, the Tandy TRS-80 and the Commodore PETs and CBM series, not computers known for their fantastic sound, colors and graphics...

Sometimes in 1982, the DAI wasn't produced by Data Applications International anymore, but INDATA, another belgium company, succeeded to them, and sold the DAI under their own brand. The keyboard was then changed, it got colored, and one year later the DAI was equiped with a new enhanced graphic resolution (512x244) !









TYPE   Home Computer
ORIGIN   Belgium
YEAR   1979
KEYBOARD   QWERTY full-stroke keyboard with arrow keys (57 keys)
CPU   Intel 8080A
SPEED   2 mhz
CO-PROCESSOR   AMD 9511 (optional numeric processor)
RAM   48 kb
ROM   24 kb
TEXT MODES   60 x 24
GRAPHIC MODES   72 x 65 / 160 x 130 / 336 x 256 / 512 x 244 with 4 or 16 colors
SOUND   3 stereo voices + 1 noise generator
SIZE / WEIGHT   45 x 38 x 12
I/O PORTS   Parallel port, RGB, RS232c, Bus DCE, Stereo, 6 analogic inputs, Tape (600 bauds), Audio Stereo output
OS   CP/M with disk-drive extension
PERIPHERALS   5''1/4 disk-drives, Memocom (digital tapes), joysticks, printers, robot arm, arithmetic coprocessor, plotter
PRICE   1300 (France, november 1981)
1365 (France, november 1982)
1021 (France, september 1983)